Sites Mondiaux en rapport avec l'enseignement supérieur

mise à jour : 2004

Sites généraux d'information
Geographical Listing of Universities and Colleges Worldwide, from Christina DeMello, MIT
American Universities and Colleges, from University of Florida

Braintrack university index

International Association of Universities (IAU)
Academic Cooperation Association (ACA)
American Council on Education (ACE)
Higher Education Fundind Concil For England (HEFCE)
The HEFCE's mission is to promote high quality, cost-effective teaching and research within financially healthy higher education sector, having regard to national needs. The Council's main function is to distribute funds provided by the Secretary of State for Education and Employement.
Scottish Higher Education Fundind Concil (SHEFC)
The mission of the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council is to promote the quality and encourage the expansion of teaching and research in Scottish higher education institutions through the efficient and effective use of public funds allocated by the Secretary of State for Scotland to support these activities.
NCHEMS National Centre for Higher Education Management Systems(U.S.A.)
While NCHEMS publications are not available online, they are listed by theme and are followed by a short summary along with a request form.

Columbus The university co-operation Programme between European and Latin American higher education institutions.
Higher Education News (U.S.A.) Summaries of recent news important to higher education, and links to online newspapers and other news sources of interest to educators.
online courses

On line college courses

On The Horizon (U.S.A.)
Horizon Home Page provides you with information about emerging trends and potential developments in the social, technological, economic, environmental, and political (STEEP) sectors and their implications for education.
CAUSE (U.S.A.) CAUSE's mission is to be an indispensable partner in enabling the transformational changes occurring in higher education through the effective management and use of information resources--technology, services, and information.

HEPROC (U.S.A.) HEPROC is a collaborative, participatory discussion and research environment for higher education interests, providing forums, databases, and other interactivity in support of higher education improvement.
BCCIHE (U.S.A.) The Boston College Center for International Higher Education provides information and support for international initiatives in higher education. Focusing especially on academic institutions in the Jesuit tradition, the Center is dedicated to comparative and international higher education worldwide.

Coordonnées de sites universitaires mondiaux
Autres pays

O.C.D.E - O.E.C.D.
The Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (C.E.R.I.) was established in June 1968, as a research and innovation oriented agency on education within the framework of the OECD . All Member countries of OECD participate in C.E.R.I's work.

I.M.H.E. was established within the framework of the OECD at the height of the period of expansion of higher education. Since 1969, IMHE has monitored developments in higher education during the periods of growth, retrenchment and reassessment. IMHE assists institutions, ministries and governments, through the sharing of information, experiences and expertise, in addressing these new challenges.
P.E.B. is an international programme which promotes the exchange of ideas, information, research and experience in the field of educational facilities. Its members include national governments, state and provincial government and research organisations.
UNESCO's activities in the field of education are dedicated to serving teachers, administrators, scholars, policy-makers and all other people engaged in or concerned with education. In the broadest sense, this includes all of us, for education, whether we realize it or not, is the force that will, more than any other, shape the future.
World Bank
Access to the World Bank's web-pages on education with an outline of the Bank's strategy and priorities along with case studies and other information